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A speaker that brings Humanity back to Business
Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD, Angel Investor, Author, Speaker
30 years Creating Wealth

Welcome to
A World of Possibilities,
Were Dreams meet Actions,
Profit meets Meaning, 
Creativity meets Productivity, and Gratitude meets Resilience.

For too long we've thought about compromise, about zero-sum games, about the incompatibility of doing good and doing well.

A socialist bio-scientist turned angel investor has a lot to say.

What to Expect
  • Experience: A speaker that walks the talk. Been there, done that. Failed, succeeded, and in between.
  • Passion: A presentation that is all about touching people’s hearts and minds.
  • Engagement: A lingering sense of contribution, resilience, and impact. 
  • Depth: A profound reflection about one's impact on others.


Speaking Options
30-90 minutes to frame a conference/ event.
Customized for  audience and topic.
Breakout sessions 1-4 hrs.
Miniworkshops to think, talk, and act to create wealth and meaning, for small groups.
Training/ Facilitator
2-4 days Training or Strategy Sessions.
Immersive, customized to design, evaluate, and follow-up processes to transform organizations.
For Business Leaders, Investors, Scientists, Students
Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Montenegro, Saudi Arabia, Spain, USA, Venezuela, and more...
Tedex Silicon Valley Presentation
No more Dreams, it is time to get things DONE
Lessons learned from building a VC Fund 
  • Dream big
  • Plan to execute
  • Invite others
  • Evaluate
  • Enjoy
  • ​​​​​​​Rest
Short videos - Panels, Keynotes, Workshops, Interviews
Women and Entrepreneurship
It is not a small group of people that would change the world... it is a small group of 'diverse' people that can change the world!
SuperTech Event - San Francisco
The Wealthing Paradigm
The paradigm of the future is the Wealthing Paradigm, where we can grow together: individuals, teams, and organizations, and ultimately, the economy. 
Training Scientists to Create Wealth
A key consideration for scientists is the shift between the creation of knowledge to the creation of wealth.
Rice University - Texas
Co-creating Innovation
The co-creating innovation program helps build bridges between corporate and entrepreneurial innovation providing opportunities for collaboration and growth.
Women Get Funded 
Entrepreneurs need to earn trust before they get funded.  A systematic/strategic approach to funding is critical.
High-Impact Entrepreneurship
Discussing successes and failures allows for a refreshing approach to High-Impact Entrepreneurship.
GoldCoast Presentation - Australia.

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International Experience
"A great professional that will help you in developing your wealth strategy and reaching it. She has a lot of considerable international experience that make her very sharp and precise."
Zuño Kristal, PhD
Bar Ilan University, Israel


"My team gained tools to create positive thinking, be more confident and enjoy what they are doing and life in general. Her educational background, style and life experiences create a significant impact and she is an inspiration to everyone.”
Sandy Harvey
Senior Manager Financial Services.
RAC Western. Australia.


"Incredible balance between, on one hand, stimulating students to think aloud, articulate their personal insights, pursue lines of interpretation and argument and to engage in lively debate while, on the other hand, channeling the discussion towards clear and robust conclusions. I have rarely seen a discussion achieve such a perfect balance of freedom of expression and discipline of thought.”
Prof. Kelvin Willoughby
Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia


"Excellent presentation on creating high-impact businesses, and managing the financial crisis. Our CEOs were delighted by your experience. Rarely we can bring such expertise to business leaders from Latin America that want to expand globally.  Thanks for making this a remarkable event.” 
Carola Rivano
Induexpo, Guatemala

"Alicia's model of creating wealth and markets is fascinating. I knew there had to be an alternative to Schumpeter’s creative destructionism, but I didn’t know how to frame it.” 
Dr. Luis Miguel Beristain
Director Center for Entrepreneurship. Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico, DF.


"Alicia's enthusiasm, demonstrated expertise in the area of entrepreneurship and growing wealth, and her capacity to engage with the audience will have a lasting impact on all who had the opportunity to attend this training." 
Dr. Des Rice
Director Learning Resource Center
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. Saudi Arabia.


"Alicia has the wisdom, business insight and international experience that’s crucial in building global companies. She has organizational skills and an eye at looking at the overall landscape needed to evaluate the value proposition and product/market fit.”
Shoieb Yunus
Serial Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley, CA


"Alicia's thoughts are a must for anyone interested in economic development and prosperity, anchored on the individual"
 Dino Linares
CID. Peru

"Alicia has the highest integrity and a global approach. She is well aware of the impact she has on others and works hard to create a wealthing mentality amongst all people.”
Stephanie Philp
Coach, NLP facilitator. New Zealand

"Way beyond my expectations! Highly energetic, positive, extremely well prepared, professional, and keen to add value. Her message is empowering from a personal perspective and is a must for anyone who wants to understand high-impact entrepreneurship" 
Yliana Ledezma Jesurum
Psychologist - Coach. Spain


"Her programs contains valuable, essential, and strategic information for your start-up funding. It also helps you to prevent mistakes. Alicia's passion and determination are magical and motivational."
Gladys Del Pozo
Entrepreneur and Financial Planner,
Washington, DC. USA


"Alicia's program helps turn dreams into goals, and achieve great heights for women entrepreneurs."
Monika Siriah
Founder - VedGlobals India

“As a “want-to-be” brazilian entrepreneur, your words revealed some truths I already knew, some I didn’t admit and others that I was not aware of. Thanks.”
Henrique S. G. Costa

"Wealth is now newly defined for me and I am sure it will keep evolving as I plan my journey through this life. I am grateful for you and your gift for giving."
Alexis Hill

Angel Investing, Impact Investing, High-impact Entrepreneurship, Leading with Meaning, Falling in Love with Work, The Unwealthy Habits, Wealthing(R): Creating Wealth for Everybody, not just US.
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